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The NJC Edge

  1. SMS ServiceWe notify you with an SMS every time a customer registers for your event – so you know how your promotion progress is going.
  2. Confirmations: We send a confirmation SMS to the guests every time they register for your event.
  3. No hoch-poch: Entire guest list through NotJustCollege in a well tabulated list form on your phone at least 3 hours before the event.
  4. Performance Tracking: Your detailed progress report- every month: Total Events – Total Views – Total Registrations – Total Turnout – so you know how it’s going for you.
  5. Pro Promotions: Effectively promote your events to your regular guests and new ones- this website and our solid social media handles are here for you!
  6. Exclusivity: Know of some trouble – maker in your NotJustCollege guest-list? Let us know and we’ll notify them. We’re all looking for good vibes, afterall.
  7. Liability: Our well laid out Terms and Conditions to help you work efficiently and better


You can think of notjustcollege as a tool for party organizers and promoters to reach out to the real party-vibers and build a solid guest-list. 💖

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